Here are three things you should know today! 

1. "Bobville"

     - The B.O.B. is renovating! The 4-story expansion of The B.O.B. will be condos on the top few floors, but there's also a 20-story Venue Tower planned next door too.

     -The area behind/next to The B.O.B. is where "The Venue" will live; included is an event center with beer garden, food kiosks, and a also a 20-story "Venue Tower" which will be a residential tower along Ottawa NW. 


2. The BK-Tim H. Lounge

     - Burger King and Tim Hortons are merging!

     - This makes the company the third largest fast food company in the world. 

 I wonder if this means Burger King and Tim Hortons will be right next to each other from now on...think Baskin Robins and Dunkin' Donuts...Iced Capp and a Whopper anyone?


3. iPhone 5 Battery Recall

     - If you've been having trouble with your iPhone 5 battery you aren't alone. Apple issued a recall for some iPhone 5's because of the issue.

     -Click here to see if you're eligible for a new phone!




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