Here are three things you should know heading into a LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND! Hip-hip-hooray! 

1. Rip-tides, rain, and huge swells on the Lakeshore.

     - Dangerous swimming conditions are forecast on the Lakeshore this weekend.

     - If you're headed to the beach be safe, use your noggin (if it looks dangerous out there it is, and even when it doesn't look too bad, sometimes it is too!).

     - Check with life guards and keep your eyes on the little ones! :)


2. Frat Bro SnapChats his house burning down.

     - During a welcome week party at a frat house in California a party got a little crazy and a house burned down. 

     - Someone filmed the whole thing and put it on SnapChat as a "Story". 

     - Watch the whole thing here: 

(Everyone is it's okay if you laughed. I did.) 


3. Google has been testing drones.

     - The project is called "Project Wing" and it's been in the works for about two years at Google's top secret testing lab "Google X". 

     - The drones are SELF-FLYING...this is different from other drones because most other drones are flown by someone using a joy-stick contraption on the ground. Google's drones are entirely pre-programmed. 

     - Google says they're going to be for "disaster relief" to drop packages in remote areas with survival packages. 

     - BUT in a few years they might try for shipping/delivering packages to people...kinda like Amazon, huh Google?