JEANNE CALMENT of Arles France......passed away at the age of 122 years, 164 days old.    She has the longest verified lifespan in modern recorded history.    What were her secrets to a long life?:   

"If you can't do anything about it....don't worry about it."   a direct quote from her.    She out-lived her children and grandchildren ( Mother wants to ever do that).  

She rode a bike until she was 100....took up fencing (not stolen actual sport people) at age 85.  Basically...she just kept moving....she's my Hero!!   

Her diet consisted of moderately sized meals....lot's of greens.....OLIVE OIL....oh yeah...not only did she eat a diet rich in Olive Oil....but she always put it on her skin (foundation before make-up)...also used it as a lotion.

She used to eat at least 2 lbs. of chocolate per week!!   She finally gave up sweets and smoking at 119 years of age. (I DON'T recommend smoking ever)....Her quote: "I gave up smoking because I was too blind to light it up myself".

She even recorded two DVD's at the age of 121.   One in English and one in French....entitled: Maitresse du Temps (Time's Mistress)....she even rapped!!! Go Girl! 

(My Favorite part about her)  As mentioned earlier...she used olive oil with her make-up....but couldn't ever wear mascara because she always cried due to laughing so hard.  (Big Key in this people....she laughed a bunch).

So basically.....No modern scientific stuff....Live in moderation....Jeanne lived a long, happy life because she LIVED, LAUGHED, MOVED EVERY DAY, ATE CHOCOLATE...and LOVED.

A brilliant lesson for us all, no matter how old we get... or don't get.   

~ Britta