Just when you think racism is taking a turn for the better in our society, a  19 year old black american server at a Red Lobster restaurant in Franklin,  Tennessee suffers racial humiliation and hatred akin to the KKK burning a cross  in her front yard.

Toni Jenkins had just finished serving customers when she returned to the  table to pick up their check receipt and assumably her 20% gratuity. Only the  receipt had no gratuity at all. Instead, the "N" word was written in the space  meant for the tip amount.

Disgusted, angry and hurt, she decided to post a picture of the racist  receipt on her facebook page. It was viewed by many including a man named  Matthew Henson who set up an online fundraiser called "Tips for Toni". So far  the site has collected over $10,000 which we're sure the young server will find  very useful.

Jenkins said she felt blessed and honored that so many people would come  together on her behalf and that the lesson learned is don't lose faith in  people.

As for the scumbag racist who stiffed her, we hope he or she learned a lesson  too.