The "Pay me now...or pay later" adage still holds true my friends....the warning lights will go off....and putting off regular maintenance, or ignoring simple warning sings may turn into something "not-so-simple".   A group of veteran auto technicians helped compile the list of Top 5 Simple Auto Fixes:

THE LOW TIRE PRESSURE warning light indicates that a tire-pressure monitoring system sensor has detected a tire is significantly underinflated.    Over time tires will do is extremely important to keep them at the proper pressure weight for all kinds of reasons.....fuel mileage, handling, tire wear and can even lead to (UGH!) tire failure (aka: flat tire).   Always check right away for a slow leak, low pressure, or for poor tread on tires....could save you thousands of $$$...and time.

THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT means that there is an issue with the vehicles emissions control system (translation:  somethings not right in the engine).....One of two common problems is to fault.   1.) failed oxygen in the exhaust or an air leak in the fuel system (translation: the gas cap isn't on all the way or missing).....2.) one of the vehicle sensors is off.   HOWEVER....if there is something seriously wrong in the engine yoru vehicle may not show signs right away....but could later cost you thousands of dollars.  Just be safe and have someone trustworthy look at it for you.

A HYPERACTIVE TURN SIGNAL INDICATOR:  It may be something as simple as a burnt out bulb or a faulty wire (costing $4) you might even be able to replace the bulb yourself (using the owners manual)....usually something simple...but if let go a fix-it ticket from the police could cost you hundreds.

SERVICE ENGINE LIGHT  (often the shape of a wrench): may mean it's time for a simple oil change or other routine service.   If let go....engine fluids go run out causing for you to buy a whole new engive (or car).

LOW WASHER FLUID LIGHT:   means it's time to invest $2 - $4 dollars for a jug (sold at any gas station) of windshield cleaner.   It takes about 2 -3 minutes to put in. It's a vision safey issue of course...but also it could deplete youre reservoir and cause more way more expesive sensor issues down the line. .....if you burn up the pump reservoir it will cost hundreds of $$ to replace.