5:30 pm Winner Jason Mays Of Lake Odessa..They we in photo gallery attached to Bobby Bare's Post about Parmalee.  We left it up so y'all can find it yourself.. and score a GREAT Prize NEXT time!


2:39 PM- Hint. The page/Link you seek is somewhere in the B93 DJ Blog Pages!

3:21 Hint.  Start in Bobby Bare's Blog and go from there. 


4:05 Hint.  On DJ Bobby Bare's Blog.  Look for a Post about B93 Birthday Bash Artist PARMALEE! 

4:24  On the Parmalee post on Bobby's DJ Page is a B93 Bash Past Photo Gallery..start clicking there and WATCH for a link!

4:40..Click on the B93 Birthday Bash Photo Gallery Below the Parmalee Video!  look for a LINK!


A Very Special Prize awaits Y'all if you win this afternoon's 'B93 Online Scavenger Hunt." A VIP 4 Pack to 'WWE LIVE' at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids on Saturday June 14 , 2014



Ticket go on sale THIS Saturday April 12 for this Amazing Event.



Have you played our Online Scavenger Hunts before?  HERE'S HOW!




Somewhere among the pages, photo galleries, concert info, DJ Blogs, Bash pages.  I.E. ANYWHERE ...we have hidden the winning page.  It has the SAME WWE logo as we have above!





Also on the WINNING page there is a SPECIAL phrase to call in and SAY to claim your Prize.  We have going with Hint posted HERE at least every 40 minutes to wrap up with a winner by 5 PM. 




We say the hint on the AIR first..then post 'em here!  Any questions?  Call Conrad at 616- 242 -9393.