Click the Pic below to meet Bo!

My B93 'Pooch Of The Week' from Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary, is Beauregard, a super-sweet Newfoundland & Labrador Retriever Mix who’s around ten years old.


Beauregard is very friendly and loves to go for walks at a nice, relaxed pace. Even though Beauregard is a senior citizen in the dog world, he still enjoys playing fetch! Beauregard is a guy you can tell your troubles to and he will listen and give you a kiss to make you feel better.


Come and seet Beauregard! He’s waiting and hoping to meet you at Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary, the Midwest’s largest no-kill dog sanctuary. 

Conrad here, I highly encourage you to take a tour. Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary is in Lake Odessa, and online at .