These are the two HORRIBLE child abusers.

On Thursday evening, a 16-year-old discovered his malnourished 5-year-old brother in the stairway closet. According to KHOU in Houston TX, the teenager confronted his step-father and the two got into a fist fight.

That's when the parents, who are both now in custody, took off with the child. They were eventually tracked down at a hotel in Humble.

The 5-year-old victim’s appearance caused deputies to immediately summon Emergency Service personnel and he was transported to a hospital in Humble, deputies said.

Assistant Chief Mark Herman said in his 30 year career he has never seen anything like this.

“He was severely under nourished, bone sticking out, bumps, bruises. His skin was coming off on his back. It's a horrific horrific situation,” he said.

The child's biological father, Bradley Bleimeyer, and step-mother, Tammi Bleimeyer, were charged with felony child endangerment and booked into the Harris County Jail. Tammi is the biological mother of the 16-year-old who called authorities and five other children, and she's also six months pregnant.

The victim is still in the hospital today and in the custody of Children's Protective Services.