Just about ebrytime time a woman so much as looks in Blake Shelton's direction, there is a rumor about his wife Miranda Lambert being jealous.

The latest rumor about Blake and Miranda says that she is jealous of his relationship with Sheryl Crow, Team Blake's mentor on 'The Voice.'

According to the Star, Miranda ripped in to her hubby because she thinks he has stronger feelings toward Sheryl than he should. The tabloid went go on to claim that she has told him to completely stay away from her, which is pretty much impossible on 'The Voice'.

Similar reports about Miranda being jealous of his relationship with fellow Voice judge Shakira proved to be false AND the fact that Blake reportedly asked Miranda to be his team's mentor before Sheryl, this smells like Star BS.

However, Miranda admits that she checks Blake's phone and his Twitter messages, so we do know that she is keeping a close eye on his activity.