Miranda Lambert dishes on several areas of her life -- including her much-talked about weight loss -- in the current issue of Billboard magazine.

She says of her new look, "It just feels like you can't do anything for yourself anymore. Have you ever thought I might just be turning 30 and trying to get a little ahead of the game? Isn't that just a normal thing to do?" 

And now that she's several years into her career, she feels like it's time to soften her "tough girl" image. "I don't have to be guns a-blazin' all the time. People are listening, so I can open up my softer side and show people who the whole Miranda is.'"

On the topic of her marriage to Blake Shelton and all the tabloid rumors, "I think I've had like five sets of twins in the last two years, and we've been divorced four times, and one of us had a $100 million divorce."

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Here is Miranda on the cover of Billboard magazine...