A day care is being sued for allegedly using duct tape to restrain a child during nap time.

The photo below shows an 18-month-old who was duct taped to his nap map after he didn't want to stay down.

Attorneys for the boy's family said a teacher at the school was shocked by what she saw, so she took pictures and shared them. She quit her job that day.

The lawsuit also says that children were sometimes hit in the head during a diaper change if they soiled their diapers, and that the daycare only allowed children to drink twice a day to cut down on diaper changes.

The parents of the boy in the photo say that they noticed awful changes in their son's behavior after sending him to the day care. They said, “He started screaming terribly when you go to change his diaper, and then he would start hitting himself in the head."

The employee who was accused of doing the taping no longer works at the day care; the school also said they have installed video cameras and have begun allowing children to have more drinks during the day.

The state licensing department and police are still investigating the case.

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