From my Sister in Law Amy Kleppe's Facebook:

This morning will be a first for me as a mommy. I have to tell one of my children that their favorite player on a team has been traded.

Telling Ella that her beloved Prince has been traded is not something I am looking forward to. I have said when your daughter refers to "My Prince" for the first time and it is a 275# first baseman for the Detroit Tigers, you are totally OK with that.

The pic is from last Christmas when she got a canvas of Prince that hangs right next to her Hello Kitty poster in her room....

(L-R, Gracie Kleppe, Mom Amy Swiftney Kleppe and Ella 'Bean' Kleppe)



Update from AMY: 'OK....that was just AWFUL!!!  Sobs, tears and tissues at our house this morning.'

Sooo Sad for Ella! -Uncle Conrad