Trace Adkins‘ bones are defintely breakable.

1.Working on an oil rig he lost the pinky finger on his left hand in an accident while using a knife to open a bucket, and asked doctors to reattach the finger at an angle so that he could continue to play guitar

2.Trace also both his arms, a leg and a handful of ribs and cut his nose off in a car crash. But the worst pain he ever felt came after his ex-wife shot him in a heated argument in 1994.

3.In 2001, Adkins was injured in a tractor accident and had to temporarily cancel touring. He later entered a 28-day alcohol rehabilitation program in Nashville

So #4 doesn't seem so bad!  Trace is releasing his new album on May 14, broke his foot and shared the above photo.
The caption: “This is gross. Broke my foot the other day. Still kinda hurts.”

Still…kinda…hurts? The dude is incredible!

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