David Nail is the first to admit he's not fond of flying.  In fact, he’s kind of spooked by it. "Some days I can get on a plane and not think about it,” he tells “Rolling Stone Country.”  Other days, I can't think of anything else I'd rather not do."

Nail had a concert scheduled for Boise, Idaho recently and confesses that “without a doubt it was the most difficult travel day.” “I was borderline panic attack,” says Nail. “I went through about four or five Sprite Zeros.  I didn't know what it was, but I was real uncomfortable.  We had to go through Vegas and it was a really rough landing.  I laid down on the floor of the Vegas airport, which of all the airports to be laying down in, is probably the worse."

But it’s not like he’s sitting back and whining about it – he has sought help. "Genetically, my entire life, I've been starting out in the negative,” says David. “But with the help of medication and with the help of counseling, I learned to feel like I didn't have to cure all my problems and had to be perfect at the same time."  He’ll get another chance to work on things when he boards a plane again on September 11th – that’s when he kicks off his headlining "I'm A Fire Tour" in Oxford, Mississippi.

Source: Rolling Stone Country