Watching the CMA awards last week, I noticed that one of the biggest new stars was MISSING!



He has had four big country hits in recent months AND his latest album, Off the Beaten Path, reached  No. 1!!! How much more does he need to do to be included in the awards with a nomination or two??

It's time for all of us Country Fans to ban together and let our voices be heard!! Who among us loves; Country Music that makes you run for your jeans, music that makes you wish you could be four wheelin' in a big ol truck, music that reminds you of laying under the summer stars at night camping out in the woods, songs so real, you take a deep breath and in your mind you are hiking on a trail with your dog,  music that speaks to your heart, that is authentic and instantly connects the raw emotion!!!

That is what Country Music is to me. If you feel the same way, Click HERE for my open letter to the world of Country Music. 


UPDATE: Just Rec'd this note from Justin's manager!!


Hey Michael,

We have met before, I manage Justin and also Dustin Lynch.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your post about Justin never being on one of the award shows.  

We've been together for 12 years, have worked hard and continued to grow.  Every
year has been better than the one before. We have experienced life changing success thanks to Justin's commitment to staying true to his roots and the support of Country Radio.

Having him appear on TV and the award shows would be great and the fact that he has never been invited to be on any of them has been frustrating  for us.  We've always felt it's never been "if" but "when" and I really think the sentiment you conveyed in your post will make "when" happen a lot sooner.  You just might have woken up
some of the folks who have not considered, or thought about Justin in the past.

Thank you Michael, always nice to run into a stand up guy in this world!




See, as fans, Nashville IS listening to US! - mj


Finally, Justin has broken his silence on this with these tweets.