Maybe a parade this Thanksgiving?


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Here's mine. Every Thanksgiving, there is an extra and empty place setting at our table representing the US troops who aren't able to be home with family members while deployed around the world. Keep them in your prayers and be thankful that you get to spend time with your family. We're all only here for a little while.

Keep that in mind when your brother or sister picks a fight, your in-laws start up the 'so how's the job hunt going' conversation, your kids are beating the stuffing out of each other or your great aunt sits down and tastes the stuffing and gravy you just spent 12 hours preparing and says  this is missing a little something. 

There's always a little friction when family gets together. But it takes friction to make electricity. Take the high road, smile, breath deep and look for the positive in everyone.

Now, what's YOUR family tradition at Thanksgiving?