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Neal’s famous Harvest Stuffing

1 cup shredded carrot

1 cup shredded celery

½ cup chopped onion

½ cup butter

1 tsp ground sage

½ tsp Salt

½ tsp ground cinnamon

8 cups dry bread cubes

2 cups finely chopped peeled apple

½ cup chopped walnuts

1 cup chicken broth (more or less as needed to moisten)

In a skillet cook carrot, celery and onion in butter until tender but not brown. Stir in sage, salt, cinnamon and ¼ tsp pepper. In a large mixing bowl combine bread cubes, apples, walnuts & finally cooked vegetables. Drizzle with enough chicken broth to moisten & toss lightly.

Stuff turkey or place in casserole as a side dish This will stuff a 12 lb. bird. ( I always double recipe. We like a lot of stuffing!)

Final note: I don’t generally stuff the bird these days. I know, the flavor is incredible when cooked inside. The problem is that by the time the stuffing is at a safe internal temperature, the turkey is often over cooked. Whichever method you choose, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!