A new photo that’s been posted online offers fans their first look at Randy Travis since the stroke
that threatened his life last year.

The singer entered the hospital in July, after being diagnosed with viral
cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure, and subsequently suffered a stroke.
He spent more than three weeks in Baylor Heart Hospital in Texas, before
being discharged to
a physical therapy facility.

Travis has remained largely out of the public eye since then, but in the
above photo — which surfaced on Twitter on Sunday (Jan. 19) — the singer appears
to be relaxed and in good spirits. The origin of the picture is unclear, but it
was posted to Twitter by Anthony Maurizio. According to Nashville Gab, Maurizio is a family friend of the singer.

The picture shows Travis with his fiancee, Mary Beougher, and two others
behind him. The young man looks like Beougher’s son, Raleigh, while the identity
of the blond woman is unknown.

The singer appears to be seated in a wheelchair, but singer Bonnie Paul — who
co-wrote a song called ‘Childhood Sweethearts’ with the country singer — has
been updating his progress on her Twitter page, and
her updates imply that he is not confined to the chair.

“Just spoke 2 my mom, Randy is making great strides, no longer in wheel chair
, walking with walker, appetite great, looking great,” she posted on Dec. 9.

Later, on Dec. 20, she tweeted: “Great Xmas news 4 y’all , my mom was actually
talking with Randy on phone , sounds strong and wonderful and walking on his

Travis released a new album titled ‘Influence Vol. 1: The Man I Am’ in
October, featuring material recorded prior to his hospital stay. It is unclear
whether he is projected to recover enough to resume his music career.