I am in touch with the scene and they tell me the seach for 2 year old Amber Smith resumed at 9am this morning.  The staging area is Barton Township Hall.

Blood Hounds were brought in to help, but I don't have any good (or bad) news to share.  It is wait and see.

I am not sure what to make of this.  Officials were more concerned about cold last night than wild animals.  It got down to about 40.

Amber disapeared Tuesday afternoon.  She wandered out of her home around 2pm.   Dad had been in the bathroom.  When he realized she was gone, he looked for a half hour and then called for help.

She was dressed in next to nothing, and that's a problem. 

The search is centered in a four square mile area around the home at 13 mile and Cottonwood in Newaygo County.

I don't have anything else to share right now, but when I hear something, I will get right back to you.    reese