My Dear Listener family,

On December 8th I told you the story of Bree Town a darling ten year old girl from Greenville. 

Bree has been fighting Luekemia and recently suffered a relapse. 

I asked you to join my wife Kim and I in getting tested as a life saving bone marrow donor.

 I got the email we've been praying for on Wednesday.  

Dear Reese,

Did you hear that they found a perfect bone marrow match for Bree Town?  

 It went on to say.

"Bree has a perfect 10/10 match with CMV negative and the favorable cure receptors!! Tentative transplant is set for 5 weeks. Please
pray for donor, he is a young healthy man! Bonus. The bone marrow aspirate came back 0 leukemia blasts."

I don't understand most of the medical lingo.  But I do understand this.  The B-93 Listener Family has saved this child's life, and I will be forever grateful.

With Much Love and Affection....