After the execution in Oklahoma that didn't go according to plan earlier this month, a majority of Americans in a new poll are still in favor of Capital Punishment. 

When asked what form of execution they prefer,  one third said if lethal injection were ruled out, they would do away with it all together.  But two thirds of Americans were in favor of other  methods of execution.

20% say use the Gas Chamber!

18% would go back to the Electric Chair!

12% would use a firing squad,

8% would prefer hanging.

Over all 59% of American favor the death penalty.  35% are opposed.

The name of the Oklahoma man executed was Clayton Lockett.  He was sentenced to death in the 1999 murder of 19 year old Stephanie Neiman.  Lockett and a buddy kidnapped her, raped and sodomized her, shot her twice with a shotgun and buried her while she was still breathing.

In the interest of fairness, some people say his execution wasn't botched.  It may have taken a little longer, but he is dead.