We learned around 7:15 Wednesday morning that Alan Jacksons 20 year old daugther Alexandra "Ali" Jackson had been arrested for being a perfect little drunken snit after being pulled over in Nashville.

Here's her Mugshot from the Nashville Police department.   She was charged with drinking under age,  punching a cop,  and resisting arrest.   She tried to throw her weight around too, saying her Dad would get her out of this jam.

A year ago, Alan Jacksons first born Mattie was arrested for drunk driving.

Maybe Daddy did get her off.  She was allowed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor reckless driving.

I did notice something though.  When ALi Jackson bonded out of jail Wednesday morning, ($30,000) a bodyguard led her out of jail.  There was no sign of Mom or Dad.  What does that say?