Carrie Underwood has come under withering attack from internet haters who despise the fact she will reprise Julie Andrews role in "The Sound of Music".

Carrie says "I get hate Tweets and stuff like, 'You're not Julie Andrews!'" She says,  "I know I'm not Julie, nobody is,  and I would never pretend that I was … I know my place."

Julie Andrews says she supports Carrie and says she's a fan of "our girl".  

Julie says,  "Fifty years later, it's time somebody had another crack at it. " "I had the best time of my life doing it, and it did wonderful things for me.  I think it's great that it's being done again, but doing it live must be so daunting Carrie."

Reese's note: How sad "haters" must try to ruin a holiday special so many of us are looking forward to.

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