At the University of California at Davis Monday fun loving students were planning an end of the school year drinking party they called "Cinco de Drinko".  But the Cinco de Mayo party was abruptly canceled by school administrators when other students staged a protest called the event racist!

Cinco De Mayo commemorates Mexico's victory against the French in an 1962 battle.  But it is not a big deal south of the border.  It became an unofficial American holiday when Latinos in California began celebrating the "win" in the 1860's.

Over the last 140 years, it has become almost as popular as St. Patrick's Day, when Americans find excuses to dress up like idiots and drink too much!

Student John Beatty, wearing a sombrero, said the party had been ruined by people who are overly sensitive.

The school Chancellor Linda Katehi says she will order a mandatory diversity course to head off future trouble!