SARAH KNYSZ:  My husband never gave trooper Paul Butterfield a chance.


Sarah Knysz, in jail since early September and days away from delivering her first child told a court filled with sobbing troopers today how her husband Eric ambushed trooper Paul Butterfield.

She said the trooper had pulled their Chevy Pickup truck over.  As the trooper came up to the window he started to say, "How's it going".  

She said Eric suddenly pulled a .357 Python and shot the trooper in the head.  As he raced away she looked back and saw the trooper bleeding, lying in the road.

She revealed her husbands motive.  She said they were on thier way back from Ludingtdon.  Eric was trying to sell stolen guns and had them wrapped in blanket behind them in the truck.

Over the next few minutes they drove to her Mother In Laws house in Irons.  She said Eric wiped the blood off the truck with napkins.  She said her mother in law seemed to know what had happened before they arrived.  From there her husband tried to buy marijuana, and stolen another vehicle.  A very short time later cops caught up with them and the Eric was shot in the leg as he pulled his gun on other cops.

Asked why she didn't try to turn him in, she said Eric had threatened to kill her before.  She thought he would run her down if she got out of the truck and she said she knew she couldn't outrun a bullet.

In return for her testimony it's unlikely she'll do much more than a year or two in jail.