A highly respected local theologian has been arrested and is ALLEGED to be a Peeping Tom.  He is Dr. Jeremy Grinnell.  The Doctor, until word of the arrest leaked, was the teaching pastor at Belle Vista church in Rockford.  He and the church have since parted company. 

Dr. Grinnell now works for a division of Cornerstone University a theology professor. (although he has been placed on leave.) 


In some thing like the John Belushi stunt at a sorority house in the movie Animal House, police say he climbed up a ladder to peer into the bedroom window of a 37 year old woman having sex with her partner in her Cannon Township home.  The report says he was spotted, and ran away, but came back the next night and was caught. 


The Doctor told police he was there to pray for the woman.


He is charged with two felonies.