Everyone knows him by the nickname he was given as a 12 year old....Chumley.


In real life his name is Austin Russell. 

And this is Pawn Stars!

Austin plays Big Hoss's life long friend.  He's the dopey guy who pushes the broom around, makes foolish decisions, and always comes out on top.

In the real world, Austin had worked at the pawn shop for years when the show debuted in 2009.  He'll be 34 this fall. His role quickly developed into "village idiot" as Rick and the Old Man picked on him.  But viewers fell in love with Chumlee the underdog.

Austin realized quickly his value and formed his own company to sell everything and anything with his name on it.  Now he licenses his image to Rick to do with what he will.   He has made upwards up $100,000 dollars a week, and his merch always outsells that of the other charactors on the show.

Beyond a very nice home, he owns a 1986 Buick Regal, which he has customized with hydraulics on the front and back. He also has a Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Maserati GranTurismo, a Cadillac Escalade, Range Rover, and a 1964 Impala SS.

Before the show he was driving a $900 Geo Metro his dad had bought for him,.

And yes.. he is looking better.  He's had dental work, and he has lost a ton of weight.  Austins dad died tragically at the age of 54 from pancreatic cancer, and it had a huge impact on his son.  Austin now works out six days a week.  He has improved his diet, drinking more juice, eating more vegetables and abstaining from red meat.

And the woman in the photo above?   That's his girl friend.  Her name is Tanya Hyjazi and she is a chef at a major Vegas Casino.