Thanks for taking a moment.  This is Steve Dater.  He is my dentist in Rockford.

 Steve with his daughter Stephanie.  She's going to be a University of Michigan dentist too.

Steve would be my hero just because he's never ever hurt me.

But lets be real.  Here is a guy with a great family. He lives in a great community.  He makes a comfortable living.  He employs a ton of people, and he has a brand new office building at Wolverine  and Ten Mile.


Alot of guys would lay back and enjoy the good life.  But this good man does more than that.

Every summer Steve packs up his equipment and flies to Ukraine to give free dental work to orphans.  He uses a "chaise" lounge because there are no dentist chairs in Ukraine.   All the cost comes out of his own pocket.

Now to my utter astonishment this man has found time in his life to give back to his nation.  With zero need to do, he has become personally compelled to give back to his nation.  So  he has essentially donated himself to the United States Navy.  At the age of 50, he has accepted a commission as Lt.Commander and will provide dental work to sailors, marines, and other service members based in Michigan.

His name is Steve Dater and I am proud to know him.