Sunday Morning 6am:   I am mildly intertested in what the National Weather Service is saying about snowfall for the coming week.    We have two "Wolf Events" on the way.  

I call them Wolf Events because when I get it wrong, everyone will accused me of crying "WOLF".

So let's start with "Wolf Tuesday:  

This will be a "packy snowfall".   It will start around lunchtime on Tuesday and last into Wednesday evening.   What makes this "storm" interesting is that the computer models suggest it will slow down as it passes.  That would allow more snow to pile up that it might otherwise.  Long story story,  it might dump a half a foot north of 94.   Tuesdays drive home and Wednesday drive in might be interesting.

Now let's talk about Wolf Weekend!

Some people believe that March comes in like a Lamb, and some believe it comes in like a Lion.   I'm thinking March may come in like a Wolf!

The Weather Service says once the midweek storm moves out, we will start to look at a new one coming in from the Arctic.  It tracks into the Great Lakes and so far the computer models are totally "underplaying" it's potential for snow.  BUT, and this is the WOLF BUT... if things do come together as our local forecasters think it may, then, in their words, 

"There will be a much stronger surface system, and significantly more snow."

In Other Words....