Sure some days were like that, but many are spent building new planes for the spring.

Project #1:  Great Planes Electrifly PT 19.   In the 60's and 70's, Cox built a ton of these planes.  They were made of plastic, they were held together by rubber bands, and there were supposed to fly apart when you smacked the ground, as we all did.   They were attached to strings and you flew in circles.  You hoped you'd learn to fly before you destroyed them for good.

Most guys got their first taste of planes flying these things.

When we were kids all of these planes had little gas powered engines.  The Cox planes had an .049.   If this larger plane  had a gas motor its displacement would be .19 inches.   That's cut a finger.  But in recent years there have been great advances in electric motors and batteries. Like many modelers I decided to move from gas engines to electric. A fully charged battery will give me 15 minutes of flight time, and I can recharge my batteries at the flying field.

What more, I don't have to fuss with a balky engine, starting batteries, and glow plugs.  Electric planes start instantly.  

I can't wait to fly this plane.

But my radio control pilot skills are still limited and that's why I am so excited by my second winter project.

This is the E flight Apprentice.

This plane contains the latest in technology and it is "nearly" impossible to crash.   It has a tiny computer on board that acts as an auto pilot.

Take offs and landings are brainless, and the radio has three settings.  Beginner, Intermediate and Expert.  But there's more.  It also has a panic switch.  

If you do something wrong, hit panic and the plane instantly returns to level safe flight.  Again, this plane is fully electric.

Most people who fly RC planes belong to a national club the provides many services.  Among those is a slick monthly magazine featuring all the latest goodies.

In February I fell in love with the new Sig Kadet Senior.

This huge plane just floats in the sky and has the ability to tow a glider or easily lift a Go Pro camera.  It was a bit of a splurge, but I decided I deserved a little treat for all wood I hauled over the winter.

So there is my new fleet for spring.  Our flying club is the Wolverine Skyhawks, and if you have any interest in the hobby, drop me a line.  We have flying fields in Cedar Springs and in Sparta!

Remember, if you have an interest in modeling, Radio Control airplanes provide the worlds best opportunity to turn a plane back into a kit in a single moment!