This is what we may expect:

How a Government Shutdown will affect us all.

Our 401K Plans: Wall Street will react poorly to a shutdown.
I will check my 401-K when I finish this job, and let you know
over the coming days how my savings have been affected.

Air Travel: We won’t see any changes. Controllers
will still control, Check Points will still run, and 
federal inspectors will still inspect. 

Foreign travel: The State department will still 
process foreign applications for visa and take 
requests for passports. Embassies and consulates 
overseas will still take care of traveling Americans

Benefit checks. Social Security Checks and Medi-
care benefits will not be affected. Your check will 
come on time. Unemployment checks will still go 
out. Expect delays in processing new disability re-

Federal Courts: will run normally for about ten
days. Then employees would start to be laid off. 
Cases will still be heard. 

Mail: No impact at all.

Recreation: All national parks will be closed. The 
Smithsonian in Washington and the National Zoo
will close. People camping in federal parks will
have 48 hours to clear out. ALL national monuments
will be closed. 

Health: New patients would not be accepted at the
National Institutes of Health. Current patients will 
still get care. Medical research will be disrupted,
and studies delayed. The National Centers for
Disease Control would be severely curtailed, even
in the event of an epidemic.

Food Assistance: WIC may shutdown. Federals 
School lunch and breakfasts (SNAP) will continue.  

Food Safety: The FDA would handle any major re-
call. But most safety inspections will cease.  
Federal Food Inspections will continue. 

Head Start: About 20 of the nations 16-hundred 
head start schools will be affected Tuesday morning. 
Grants that fund the school would begin to expire 
Tuesday morning and will not be renewed.
As time goes by, more and more schools will close.
Some smaller feeding programs may close.

Taxes: Taxes must still be paid, and federal returns
must be filed. However, all audits will cease.  
IRS help lines will not be answered.

Loans: Low to Moderate income buyers and first 
time homebuyers will face significant delays if they 
are seeking a government backed mortgage. The 
Federal Housing Administration should not be count-
ed on for anything while the shutdown continues. 

Science: NASA will keep workers on the job in 
Houston to support the International Space Station.
The National Weather Service will operate as normal.
The US Geological Survey work will halt.

Homeland Security: Business as usual.

Military: 1.4 million people wearing our uniform will
keep working. They will not be paid. Half of the De-
fense Departments civilian workers will be laid off.

Prisons: All 116 Federal Prisons will stay open. 
Trials will proceed as will all other litigation.

Veterans Services: The VA is paid one year in ad-
vance. Only Vets appealing the denial of disability
benefits are likely to face delays.  

Work Safety: Federal OSHA inspectors will be laid 
off. They would be recalled only in the event of a