Tim Bowers loved the outdoors. Hunting gave him the quiet time he needed to think about his new wife, a baby on the way and a successful business. 

He was up a tree bow hunting near Fort Wayne last Saturday, and he fell.

16 feet… and his spine was destroyed.  Doctors said walking as the least of it.  He’d be on a breathing machine for the rest of his life.

Tim’s family decided to ask him.  They asked the doctors to bring his out of his medically induced coma and they said  “Tim do you want this?”

Tim’s brain was fine.  It was his body that was irreparably broken.  Surgery could fuse his spine and he would be able to sit up.  But he would never walk, or hold his baby.  He’d spend his life in a rehab hospital, and a machine would always breathe for him.  He’d never go outdoors again.

“Tim, do you want this?”. 

He shook his head no.  Emphatically. 

 They said “Tim, if you start to struggle should we put the tube back in?”.  Again, she shook his head no. 

 Doctors asked the same questions.  Tim said no.

Last Sunday, surrounded by his family, they took the tube out.

Over the next five hours Tim’s family and friends sat with him,.  They prayed and sang song.  Tim never wavered.

  At the end his said he loved them all, that he had lived a great life and he was ready.

And then he died.

Friends I beg you, please wear a harness. 


ps.. will you ask your friends to wear a harness?