All the way around, this is a terrible tragic story.

Leatrice Brewer drowned her three children in a bathtub on Long Island, New York in February 2008.


But she was found not guilty because she is insane. 

So she was locked up in a mental hospital in Upstate New York. 

Two days before she killed the children social workers went to her home for an interview. But no one was home.  The social workers dropped it.

 he father of two of the children sued Nassau County for not stopping Leatrice from killing the children.  The jury awarded the children’s estate $250-thousand dollars. 

 The father of the third child who was drowned, sued too, and the jury gave that child’s estate 100-thousand dollars.

 So now a judge has to decide who gets the $350-thousand dollars in the children’s estate.

The lawyer for one of the fathers says the money should go to his client.  Leatrice has lawyer and he says she should at least get some of the money.  

Now in reality, she’ll probably never see a penny.  There are laws that prevent people from profiting from a crime.  And the State of New York has a lien on her for all the services she has received since she was arrested. 

That totals more than a million dollars.

 P.S.  Despite the face Leatrice was locked up and they threw the key away, she just gave birth to her fourth  child. 

The state of New York won't explain that one... citing privacy laws.

But already there are people saying the new born baby should get the money.