If a Third Grader can't read, they won't move on to 4th Grade!

An Ottawa County State Representative says it’s time we insist our child learn how to read.  Republican Amanda Price has introduced a “Reading Bill”.  At the end of the school year, if a third grader can’t pass a test, they would flunk and  do third grade over again.

Ms. Price is hearing from people who ask about special ed kids.  Some don’t want to base the decision on one test alone.  Others say parents should have input.  And some worry about immigrants who aren’t fluent.

But Ms, Price isn’t budging.   She says 32% of the third graders in Michigan  can’t pass a reading test today.  25% of them will never finish high school.  She won’t  change anything in her bill.

I am inclined to think of it this way.  Rather than saying the child flunked, how about we say the child was given a second chance.

What do you think?