I just woke up from my nap and learned of Senate 
Bill 63. It’s intent is to forbid any of the Presidents newly
announced gun safety measures from taking effect 
on Michigan made firearms, firearm accessories and 

It is co sponsored by 13 Republican state senators.

One of the co sponsors is Grand Ledge State Senator
and former Eaton County Sheriff Rick Jones. He is
the one who will introduce the legislation next
Wednesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee,
which he chairs. Senator Jones is quoted in this 
afternoon’s Detroit Free Press as saying “an assault
 rifle is an ugly deer rifle.”

Senator, no it isn’t. 

For the senator and especially a former sheriff to
say something like that is just foolish. I have voted
twice for my state senator and I just called his
Lansing office and left a message saying how 
disappointed I am with his decision to support this
I hope you will think about calling your senator 
today too.