Note:  I was in the Navy.  There is very little I haven't heard.  But I find this story shocking. You will read heavily edited quotes that are very offensive.


Let me bring you up to speed. 

Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathon Martin walked away from the team last week. 


Mr. Martin is in his second year. He stands 6 foot five and weighs 304 pounds.  But even a man of that size can be destroyed by a teammates hate. 

The teammate is guard Richie Incognito.

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Mr. Incognito left this voice mail on Mr. Martins phone.  And he reports many people have heard the recording and these words.

 (I have heavily edited Mr. Incognitos words.)

"Hey, wassup, you half n***** piece of s***.   I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks.  (I want to)  s*** in you F******* mouth.  (I'm going to) slap your f****** mouth. (I'm going to) slap your real mother across the face (laughing). F*** you, you're still a rookie.  I'll kill you."

This was not the only time.

CBS Sports says Mr. Incognito sent a series of horrible messages.  In at least one he  threatened to hunt down members of Mr. Martins family and hurt them.

Other reports say Mr. Incognito extorted thousands of dollars from his former teammate.

Mr. Incognito calls the ESPN reports slander and false speculation. 

But he has been suspended indefinitely.   The Miami Herald says he will be released.  It's impossible to imagine any other team would ever allow him to join their team.     

There is more.   The Miami Herald says other players on the team have known this was going on for a very long time.  That says a great deal about the integrity of the entire team. 

Because so many of his teammates looked the other way while this happened, Mr. Martin will almost certainly be given a trade.