The Michigan State Senate voted today to adopt a minimum wage bill proposed by Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville.   It would increase the Michigan minimum wage from $7.40 to $9.20 between now and 2017.  It would raise the minimum wage for people who work for tips from $2.65 to $3.50 an hour.

But the bill passed today also repeals the original legislation that raised the minimum years ago to the current $7.40 an hour.  By taking that course, Mr Richardville and his supporters would have scuttle a petition drive that could have forced the minimum to $10.10 an hour for all workers including those who work for tips.

People in favor of the increase to $10.10 have collected well over a quarter million signatures from Michiganders who wanted thier right to vote on the matter this fall.  All that work will be thrown out the window if the State House passes the bill and the Governor signs it.   12 Democrats joined 14 Republicans in voting in favor of this bill.

A year ago Republicans in Lansing thwarted another petition drive by passing legislation that killed another petition effort that would have asked voters to decide if there should be a wolf hunting season in Michigan.