When I was a boy, we lived in Des Plaines, Illinois.  My Dad was the news guy on WJJD Radio, and the station was a couple of miles from home.  When it was warm, he rode his bike to work.   In 1963 I was in the third grade.  I went to North School, and we all walked home for lunch.  So it happened on November 22, 1963 that I was just getting ready to walk back for the afternoon session. 

Mom had "As The World Turns" on the TV, and CBS news broke in with the bulletin that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas Texas.   As a nine year old who watched westerns on TV I imagined that the President had been riding a stage coach in Texas and had been shot in the shoulder.  That's all I had ever seen on TV.

For people who weren't alive or who weren't old enough to remember that day, the assassion of John Kennedy is as much ancient history to them as Abraham Lincolns murder.

And for those too young to remember, the word "Parkland" means nothing.  But for those of us who do remember, we all know "Parkland" is the hospital President Kennedy was taken to.

The movie "Parkland" opens on September 20th. 

I am also astounded that I am writing about an event that took place 50 years ago.  Where has the time gone?

Here is the trailer....