Three year old Victoria Wilcher was attacked a few months ago by Pitt Bulls.  The toddler suffered a broken nose, a broken jaw, a broken cheekbone, a broken eye socket,and lost an eye.  Usually the child has to use a feeding tube and must grow more bone in her face before she can undergo more reconstructive surgery.

Friday she and her grandmother were on their way home from the doctors office when they stopped at KFC.  Grandma said she is able to eat KFC mashed potatoes because it doesn't require much chewing.

Grandma says inside the KFC a store employee came up to them and said "We have to ask you to leave because her face is disrupting our customers. 

As you might imagine, KFC corporate is horrified and has launched a full investigation. 

In the meantime, the KFC where it happened, in Jackson, Mississippi is falling all over itself to try and make things right.