Alan Jacksons Daughter Arrested This Morning In Nashville!


20- year old Alexandra Jackson was a passenger in a Range Rover stopped by police early this morning in Nashville.    The driver was speeding and tailgating.

Miss Jackson was hammered. She jumped out of the vehicle, and got right into the cops face.  She was irate and was making demands.

 The cop told her to get back in car and she took a couple of swings at him and connected.  

Then the little ***** told the officer her Dad was Alan Jackson and he would do anything she told him to do.  The officer took it as an attempt to make a bribe and told her to shut her mouth.

She has been charged with assault, consumption of alcohol under the age of 21 and resisting.    She was able to post $35-thousand dollars bond, and was released around 5am when she sobered up.      She is due in court on September 23rd.

Here is the story from Channel 4 in Nashville.