This guy cut his way out while everyone was watching the Superbowl!

He is 40 year old Mike Elliot.  He was doing life for killing four people.    Prison officials say he escaped right after the Super Bowl started last night and had a couple of hours head start before anyone was the wiser.  He was in an area prison officials call a "Sally Port".  That an entrance for cars or trucks and is usually heavily guarded.  Once he snuck out of there he used wire cutters to get through razor wire fences.

From the prison he kidnapped an older woman in a Red Jeep Liberty and made her drive to Elkhart Indiana.  They stopped for gas and put about ten bucks in the tank.  The woman locked herself in a bathroom and Elliot took off.  Cops say he had about a hundred miles in the tank, and there is a huge man hunt underway.