The other side of the story: Why Robert Campbell is on death row.

Robert Campbell is on death row in Texas. He is scheduled to die today.  He says the recent "botched" execution in Oklahoma proves lethal injection is cruel and unusual punishment.  

The other side says the Oklahoma case wasn't botched... the killer died.

This is the picture of Robert Campbell death penalty opponents like to use.

This is what he looked like when he was arrested.

This is the victim.

    In January 1991 Campbell kidnapped Alexandra 

Renton from a Chevron gas station.  He and a buddy drove her to a desolate area where they took her money and took turns raping her.  When he was finished with his attack, he marched the woman into a field and told her to run.   As she fled, he shot twice.  He missed her head, but shot her in the back.  Campbell left her to bleed to death in that field.