If you have been following this week, my 80 something parents Reese and Jean Rickards 

have been on a week long cruise from Bayonne, New Jersey to the Bahamas and back.  They were in Nassau yesterday buying us crappy tee ships, Tanzanite Jewelry and gold chain by the inch!

They passed on the real emeralds from Columbia. 

Dad was up early this morning and sent a text.  After dinner and a magic show last night, they found themselves sitting at a little outdoor bar in the back of the ship listening to a guy playing a guitar and taking requests.   Dad says Mom had a couple more double scotches and slept VERY well.

So dad let her sleep this morning. He went up for breakfast by himself.   When mom woke up, job one was a shower, and then stumbling over to the balcony, she had no idea the ship was already in port, and tied up next to another ship.

Thinking some sea air would help clear her head and naked as the day she was born, she threw open the curtains.

It was quite a surprise for the people on the next ship over playing minature golf.

That's my mom!