As recently as this morning well reasoned people insisted to me the government shutdown doesn't affect real people.

May I introduce you to some real people?

From left to right they are PFC Cody Patterson, Sgt.  Patrick Hawkins,  1st Lt. Jennifer Mareno, and Special Agent Joe Peters. 

These good Americans were killed in Afghanistan Sunday by a roadside bomb.  In normal times, in every single instance,  the goverment instantly wires a fallen soldiers family $100,000 dollars. From a grateful nation, this emergency gratuity is intended to cover emergency burial costs and to pay for travel expenses so the family can meet their loved ones flagged draped coffin when it arrives back home.  

Because of the government shutdown, there will no check for the families of the people killed Sunday, or any other military members killed during the shutdown.

 Those grieving families are on their own.