Wednesday morning Neal and I had the pleasure of talking to some folks with Nuverra Enviornmental Solutions of Western North Dakota.   I have followed their work a bit over the last few years.  

They are part massive effort to extract shale oil from the Bakken reserves that cover North Dakota and part of Montana.

Nuverra will be drilling for oil through at least 2050.  Then the area will be producing oil long after all of us are gone.

One of the guys told me, in parts of America they have 30 people lined up for each job.  In their part of North Dakota there are 30 jobs waiting for everyone who pulls into town.   I'll give you the link to the jobs at Nuverra, but think about this. It isn't just this one company.   They need everything up there.  They are building roads, and homes and power lines and everything.  It's like a gold rush community except that these jobs will be there for decades to come.

Nuverra has a job fair this afternoon at the Clarion by Ford International from 4 to 7pm.  If you can't make it, here is a link to all the jobs this one company alone has.

Think about this.. they came all the way here from North Dakota looking for people to fill the jobs they have open.

If you'd like to check it out,  please click this link....