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Update on Conrads T-Shirt Student Story.

Update on Conrads T-Shirt Student Story.
Posted April 23rd, 2013 @ 5:33am



When I read this caption and the "Newser" story, like Judge Judy says, "if it doesn't make sense it can't be true", so I decided to do some followup.

Newser is something like Wikipedia.  It is a news site driven by submissions offered from people who follow the page.  It's slogan is "read less, know more".  (Huh)   Anyway...

This kid is an 8th grader in a Logan County, West Virginia school.   He showed up last week wearing the NRA shirt, and at mid day a teacher told him to take if off or to turn it inside out.  Right or wrong, in the teachers opinion, the shirt violated school policy.

The kid refused, and according to people who were there, decided to make a First Amendment stand in defense of the freedom of speech.  A scene developed in the cafeteria, other kids were standing on chairs or tables and were hootin' and hollaring.

Police were called when the school decided a near riot (probably an exaggeration) was developing.  When the 14 year old was taken to the principals office, he refused to sit down when a cop told him too, and then  copped an attitude and mouthed off.  That's when and why he was arrested.    The kids stepfather was called out of work and wasn't happy about that, and they've got a lawyer who is talking about a lawsuit.

The school system of course can't say anything in it's defense because the 8th grader does have some privacy rights.

Long story short, (in my opinion)  it's another case of a father saying "my kid would never do anything wrong" a lawyer looking to make a splash,  and a 14 year old with a mouth better suited spending an afternoon sucking on a cake of Lifebouy.




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