I am having a great year with picks.  I am perfect in college choices, perfect in the NFC north, and 24 and 8 in my NFL picks.

Michigan State fans travel this weekend to Notre Dame for a 3:30Barbeque.  Alas, tailgaters will be serving up “Shish Ka Sparty” 

The Wolverines are in Hartford Connecticut at 8 Saturday night where they will dine on rotisserie Husky.


 Now the NFC North.   The Vikings host Cleveland.  The Browns traded  Running Back Trent Richardson to the Colts yesterday. I hate that damn horn they blow every time Minnesota scores, and we’ll hear it all afternoon Sunday.  Vikings. 

Green Bay at Cincinnatti.  This will be a shootout, and the best gunslinger always wins.   I’ll take Green Bay.

 Chicago at Pittsburgh on Sunday night.

Pittsbugh is a hostile place, and the Bears will have their hands full, but the new offensive line is getting Cutler time and the Bears will pull this one out.

 The Lions are in Washington

There’s something wrong with RG3, and Calvin Johnson should shred the Redskins secondary.   Reggie Bush is 50/50 to start this game.  That worries me, but I’ll give a respectful nod to the Lions this week.

Now, here are the rest of my picks:

Thursday night...  The Chiefs over the Eagles

Sunday: Cowboys over the Rams.

Titans over San Diego.

Patriots over Tampa Bay.

Saints over the Cardinals.

The Giants over Carolina.

Houston at Baltimore:  Toughest game of the week.  I'll take the Ravens.

Atlanta over Miami.

Buffalo over the Jets.

49ers over Colts.

Seattle over Jacksonville.

Monday Night:

Denver over Oakland.