It’s 6:30 on Thursday morning and time for pig skin picks.    I had a tough week last week. I was 10 and 6, but on the season, that makes me 34 and 14.  Not bad..


First my college picks.. and did I mention, I was perfect again last week?  


The Wolverines are off this weekend. If they weren’t, they’d still win.


The Spartans are off too. If they weren’t they win too.



Now the NFC Central…


Those cowards from Green Bay already have a bye.  They will spend theirs eating cheese curds, watching Sex in the City Reruns, and crying about a 1 and two start.  They would be better served getting ready for the Lions next week.


The Vikings host Pittsburgh, but they do it in London England. I hate this stupid stunt.   But in a sentence, someone’s got to get their first win here…  I’ll take the Steelers.


Finally, the Lions host the Bears at 1 Sunday.  Look for the Bears to put more pressure on Stafford than he’s seen all year.

Da Bears.


Now the rest of the league:

49ers at the Rams:  49ers.

The Giants at KC:  Chiefs

Balt. at Buff.  Ravens.

Bengals at Browns.  Cinnci.

Cards at Bucs: Cardinals

Colts at Jags: Colts

Seahawks at Texans:  Seahawks

Jets at Titans:  Nash.

Skins at Raiders:  Oak.

Eagles at Broncos:  Den.

Cowboys at Chargers: Boys

New England at Falcons.  Falcons

Miami at Saints:  Saints

 Week four byes:

Green Day and Carolina.