Paul Ciancia is the guy who shot up LAX last Friday.  He was on a rampage, targeting TSA agents. 

Maybe the most disturbing part of this story was the murder of the TSA  agent.  Everyone who saw it says Ciancia shot the unarmed agent several times and then got on an escalator to go up to the gate area.  Looking back, he saw the agent move, so he went back down and shot him again.

Cold Cold Blooded.

Cops say Ciancia is part of the "Patriot Movement".  I was not familiar with the phrase and researched it over the weekend.

These "patriots" are said to believe individual liberties are in jeopardy due to unconstitutional actions taken by elected government officials, appointed bureaucrats, and some special interest groups outside of government, to illegally accumulate power. 

 Obviously not everyone who believes that is going to go on a rampage. But a person like Timothy McVeigh the Oklahoma City Bomber would be described as a "patriot."

Anyway, Ciancia will not go to trial because an airport police officer shot him in the face with a .45.   I have a picture of him on the ground in the airport.  I just can't post it.  It's too graphic.  His eyes are wide open and fixed. 

I have no doubt EMT's found a pulse and kept his heart going.   He is said to be unresponsive and in critical condition. 

I have no first hand knowlege of this, but I suspect his other organs will have begun failing by now, and doctors will almost certainly be talking about taking him off life support today.