In Vilonia, Arkansas, last week Jeff Hunter saw a monster F-4 tornado headed for his home in a tidy little sub division.  There was time only to accept the inevitable, and to text his mom.....

20 miles away in Beebe Arkansas Regina Wood frantically texted Jeff back...  She told him it would be ok.

 Just a few minutes later a dazed Lyman Watkins pulled himself and his wife out of the wreckage of a closet in what had been their home.  Just a few doors down from Jeffs home on Clover Ridge Drive, Lyman pulled himself together and raced to help his neighbor.

 He found Jeff's body still clutching his phone.  It was beeping as his Mom frantically asked him to text her back.

Regina says she takes comfort in knowing her only son, at the moment he died, thought to tell her goodbye.  "That was the most precious thing a son can do for a mother"